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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Favor Account

How do I change my phone number or email?

We would be happy to help you change the email or phone number on your account. Please email our Support team at with a summary of your request. To expedite the process, please send the email from the address that’s linked to your account.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password using the email address that’s linked to your account. Please go to and follow the prompts. You will receive an email with a unique link where you can enter a new password.

All About Favor

What is Favor?

Favor is the easiest way to get anything you want in your city delivered to your door in under an hour.

How does Favor work?

Choose one of our featured items or enter the items you would like from any restaurant or store in our delivery zone. Editing the details of your Favor is simple and placing your Favor only takes three taps.

After you order your Favor, it is assigned to one of our Runners, who will complete your delivery.

Payment is secure and cashless and takes place right in the app. All payment information is saved securely so you only need to enter it once.

What can I have delivered with Favor?

Almost anything! We deliver food from your favorite restaurants, dry cleaning, prescriptions, clothing, groceries, and more!

Can I have alcohol delivered?

Favor delivers beer and wine from select H-E-Bs in over 30 cities throughout Texas. Head to the Favor app or and search “H-E-B Beer & Wine” to see if you can get alcohol delivered in your area. We also deliver beer and wine from certain Central Market locations, which you can find by searching for “Central Market Beer & Wine” in the Favor app or on

You must be 21+ with a valid ID present upon delivery. If you are intoxicated or unable to receive your delivery in-person for any reason, your Runner will return your items and you may be charged a return fee.

In most cities, you can get beer and wine delivered from 7am to 11pm Monday through Friday, 7am to 12am on Saturday, and 12pm to 11pm on Sunday. However, operation hours vary by market.

Beer and wine delivery is not currently available in Arlington, Fort Worth, North Dallas Suburbs, El Paso or Lubbock — stay tuned!

Are your menu prices the same as those at restaurants and stores?

Yes. We never mark up the cost of items requested.

We strive to make sure the information in our app is correct. However, menus, prices, and business hours are always changing. If you find an error with an item listed in the Favor app, please email the correction to


Are you expanding?

We will absolutely be expanding into new cities and areas. We always put customer service first before growing too quickly.

How quickly do you deliver?

The average delivery time is 35 minutes, but times can vary depending on demand, traffic, and restaurant wait times. We always keep you posted on the status of your order via push notifications and texts from your Runner.

What is the delivery fee for Favors?

Our standard delivery fee for Favors is $6, however, we regularly feature deliveries that may be discounted to under $3.

In addition to a delivery fee, we charge a processing fee and suggested Runner tip. Processing fees are typically 5-9% based on the cost of items purchased. Your Runner will receive 100% of the suggested tip, which you can adjust (minimum $2) before you confirm payment.

Can I order in advance?

Favor deliveries are on-demand, at the time you need it. Although our average delivery takes 35 minutes, we recommend placing your Favor about 30 minutes to 1 hour ahead of time. Delivery times can vary based on demand, traffic, and restaurant wait times.

Large catering orders
If you would like to set up a large catering order, we recommend contacting the merchant directly to place the order. When you need the order delivered, just place a Favor and specify it’s for an existing order you already placed with the merchant.

How do I report a problem with or return my Favor?

If there’s a problem with your in-progress Favor, you can contact your Runner directly through the app. If your Favor has already been completed, contact the Favor support team by going to the Help tab in the app.

Paying for a Favor

What payment methods can I use?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. We do not accept cash for Favors.

How do I pay for a Favor?

Favor is completely cashless. All payment is made through our app and we accept all major credit and debit cards. When you order your first Favor, you’ll enter your payment information, which we store securely. You only need to enter your payment info once.

After you place a Favor, we will perform a pre-authorization on your default payment method. Additionally, you will have a short time after it’s been completed to proactively pay. During this time you can add a promo code, change the suggested Runner tip, and choose which card you’d like to use. After this short time, we will automatically charge your default payment method and the suggested tip.

To complete payment for your Favor, just open the Favor app, tap My Favors, tap Pay Now.


Who makes the deliveries?

Our trusty Runners deliver all Favors. All Runners are screened and go through a background check process before they begin to run Favors.

What do I do if I need to contact my Runner?

Your Runner is a text or phone call away! When your Favor is in progress, you’ll be able to tap on a text message or phone icon to get in touch with your Runner.

Should I tip my Runner?

Runners work hard to make sure your Favor happens without any issues. Favor will suggest a tip for your Runner based on the cost of the items and the distance traveled (minimum of $2). You can adjust the tip when you pay for your Favor.

Can I become a Runner?

If you’re interested in becoming a Runner, just head to to learn more and start the process.

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