Business Analytics

Merchant Insights Analyst, Business Analytics

Full Time - Austin, TX

Data is at the center of everything Favor does. The appetite for reporting and analysis grows each day as we expand our geographic footprint throughout Texas and introduce new programs, platforms, products and features to our community of customers, runners and merchant partners!

In this role, you will use first- and third-party data to understand the critical merchant and content experiences that drive high customer engagement, conversion and incremental spend. You will collaborate with our Sales and Fleet teams to identify new opportunities for B2B / B2C partnership, as well as demonstrate through data our performance and strategic value to existing partners including the rapidly growing H-E-B To You home delivery segment. This position will also work closely with our Content and Merchandising teams to understand market coverage and drive content engagement via pricing, playlist, menu and image analysis!


  • Develop and maintain a suite of self-service reporting that identifies high-potential new partnership opportunities as well as highlights the value Favor provides to its existing partnerships in terms of brand exposure, sales generation and incremental volume.
  • Iterate on client-facing reporting to create a simple, fast-loading, and mobile-friendly end-user experience.
  • Work with Sales team members to package and deliver timely and strategic insights for our highest-tier partnerships.
  • Diligently analyze content performance to understand how in-app selection, pricing, display and sort order influence engagement, with the ultimate goal of turning 100% of sessions into conversions.
  • Categorize merchants and menu content based on stakeholder-defined parameters and sophisticated analytical techniques (e.g. k-means) which can be used to better understand content coverage, customer preferences and recommendation opportunities.
  • Analyze monetization around various pricing structures to inform an optimal pricing strategy.
  • Evaluate operating standards for our fastest growing segment, Fleet, which includes B2B fulfillment and H-E-B at-home delivery.
  • Grow the collective teams' knowledge base through process documentation and technical mentorship.


  • 2-4 years experience working in an analytical role, preferably focused on sales, merchandising, pricing, operations and / or content analysis.
  • Intermediate to advanced SQL skills, preferably with large datasets.
  • Analysis champion, with proficiency in multiple tools and scripting languages - e.g. Excel, Python, R.
  • Experience building descriptive and predictive models.
  • Experience with business intelligence software, such as Looker, Tableau, or Domo.
  • Experience with client-side analytics, like Google Analytics and Firebase.
  • Familiarity with statistical concepts and A/B test design.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills, in particular in a presentation setting.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Detail-oriented. Ensure accuracy and consistency of through data cleansing, transformation and ongoing stewardship. Think two steps ahead to identify potential roadblocks and have contingency plans to address them.
  • Narrative-oriented. Connect changes in top-level metrics to the underlying drivers and create compelling visualizations to drive home key findings. Communicate results effectively to audiences at all levels of the organization.
  • Action-oriented. Always up for a challenge and view reporting and analysis as an opportunity to recommend tactics and strategies that make the business better. Open to feedback in the interest of delivering continually better output and growing as a professional.
  • Teamwork-oriented. Know how and when to effectively engage with your stakeholders and your teammates. View yourself as a partner in the decision-making process and build trust through goal alignment, process transparency and world-class output.
At Favor, we believe that to Run Texas, we need to represent Texas. By putting Community First, we honor the diversity of our backgrounds and experiences through sharing our unique voices. Our community grows when we challenge ourselves to learn and see the world from another’s view. We are committed to growing a team with different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives and are an equal opportunity employer.   
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