Product Lead, Operations & Systems

Full Time - Austin, TX

At Favor, we’re doing more than providing consumers with the best on-demand delivery experience. We’re building a community of Runners who can work how they want, when they want. And we’re doing all this while helping local businesses grow.

As you can imagine, the mechanics of Favor are not simple. Our world class Runner, customer, and partner experiences are powered by highly coordinated teams working together through tools and processes. As we scale, we must improve these systems, and as Product Lead, Operations and Systems, you will lead this effort.

You Will:

  • Work with the executive team to define high level goals
  • Work with operations, support, marketing, sales, and business analytics to size opportunities and define goals and metrics
  • Provide UX and design with the context and feedback that they need to build wireframes, prototypes, and high fidelity designs
  • Provide engineers and QA detailed behavioral specifications to ensure that they build the right software the first time
  • Prepare the organization for change with documentation and training resources
  • Communicate constantly and effectively to all levels of the company to ease concerns and gather feedback
  • Analyze performance and make sound decisions on what to do next

We Are Looking For Someone Who:

  • Thrives while leading in a fast paced, regularly changing environment. You turn chaos into order, and you love doing it. People look to you for guidance in times of turmoil.
  • Is most comfortable when there’s too much to do. You aren’t easily overwhelmed and you prioritize tasks naturally. You’re not afraid to focus on one thing at a time when it’s needed.
  • Has high dynamic range. You are able to see the big picture but comfortable diving deep into the details. You’re not above rolling up your sleeves and doing the grunt work.
  • Loves great products. You are excited by thoughtful design and you appreciate attention to detail and fine craft.
  • Shows confidence AND humility. You’re able to make decisions with the wisdom to change course as soon as needed.
  • Is able to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals without drama.

Skills & Experience You'll Need:

  • 5-10 years of product management experience
  • Experience taking disperate and manual processes and optimizing them
  • Experience leading cross functional teams of designers, engineers, and product managers to success
  • A track record of delivering great user experiences that lead to great business results
  • Great communication and presentation skills
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