Sr. Front End Engineer

Full Time - Austin, TX

At Favor you will have the ability to create interesting and cool software that will be used by hundreds of thousands of people.  We are a mobile first consumer app that is powered by a complex system behind the scenes.  Do you like to work on complex problems and create simple straightforward solutions?  Do you like to make customers happy?  Favor’s goal is to let people get anything delivered with a great user experience throughout the process.

Favor’s Engineering team makes high-touch logistics happen in real time.  We are responsible for the complex systems that make a Favor happen.  This entails the logistics of finding the perfect runner, the communication between our customers and our runners, keeping thousands of mobile applications in sync, payment  and so much more.  Our Front End Engineers create the tools and applications necessary to connect our customers, runners, and merchants with each other. They are responsible for creating simple and easy to use user interfaces to let our operations team and runners do their job as best as they can.

So are you the type of developer who has built complex systems?  Do you get a thrill when you create new applications or features for hundreds of thousands of users?   Do you like building features or applications where can you see the business value immediately?  We need engineers like you to help Favor achieve their goal of getting anything delivered with a great user experience.


  • You will lead technical design and delivery of service-oriented front end applications that interact with other similar applications in the Favor ecosystem.
  • Evaluate new technologies to be adopted by the team.  Current front end technologies include Javascript, React, Redux, LESS, and Angular.
  • Work closely with other departments throughout the company to understand their needs and build to their requirements.


  • 5+ Years of experience working as a Front End Engineer
  • Experience with modern browser technologies
  • Experience working with UX researchers and designers to hone features and applications
  • Experience creating UIs on top of RESTful endpoints
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