Momo's Pasta$3

2800 Routh Street #165  •  $3 Delivery Fee

  1. Antipasti
    1. $10.95

      Antipasto Fredo

      Shrimp, calamari & scallops seasoned with tomatoes, fresh parsley, garlic & pure olive oil. Mildly spicy.

    2. $5.25

      Bruschetta al Pomodoro

      Slices of italian bread with olive oil, garlic, tomatoes & fresh basil

    3. $9.95

      Calamari Fritti

      Rings of calamari deep-fried & served with a spicy tomato sauce.

    4. $9.75

      Caprese Clasica

      Fresh mozzarella or imported provolone cheese with tomato, basil, capers & sliced eggs

    5. $11.45

      Carpacio di Manzo

      Thinly sliced beef filet covered with onions, arugula, parmesan cheese, heart of palms, cucumbers & dijon dressing

    6. $11.95

      Cozze al Vino Bianco

      Sauteed blue mussels in lemon garlic white wine butter sauce

    7. $5.25

      Pink Bread

      French bread with sundried tomato spread & melted mozzarella

    8. $11.95

      Pinze di Grancchio

      Sauteed crab claws in capers, white wine & garlic parsley

    9. $8.95

      Prosciutto con Melon

      Slices of the classic italian ham with fresh melon

  2. Insalate
    1. $6.95

      Ceasar alla Momo

      Our treatment of the american-italian classic

    2. $7.45

      Insalata Gorgonzola

      Mixed greens tossed in a gorgonzola dressing with sugar walnuts, julienned carrots & celery

    3. $6.95

      Insalata Mediterranea

      Diced tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, cilantro & fresh lime juice

    4. $6.95

      Insalata Verde

      Fresh green salad with italian dressing & walnuts

    5. $9.45

      Insalata alla Fantasia

      Our equivalent of the chef's salad with prosciutto & fontina cheese

    6. $9.95

      Insalata alla Momo

      Fresh salad with sweet lobster & heart of palm mixed with tender slices of boston lettuce & salty smoked salmon. Dressed with olive oil & lemon

    7. $6.95

      Insalata alla Primavera

      Fresh green salad with fontina cheese, served with a mild garlic dressing

    8. $9.45

      Rucola con Pignole

      Baby arugula with ruby champagne vinaigrette, pine nuts & shaved parmesan cheese

    9. $9.50

      Spinaci al Balsamico

      Baby spinach with roasted mushrooms, pimientos, marinated red onions tossed in balsamic vinaigrette & topped with feta cheese

  3. Pasta
    1. $16.95

      Capelli d'Angelo agli Asparagi

      Angel hair pasta with proscuitto & asparagus, sauteed in butter cream sauce

    2. $17.95

      Conchiglie Modo Mio

      Pasta shells in a creamy tomato sauce made with imported gruyere cheese, fresh ricotta, pork loin, genoa salame, chicken breast & pancetta

    3. $14.95

      Conchiglie Quattro Formaggi or Alfredo

      Pasta shells with a delicate flavor born from the blending of four cheeses; fontina, gruyere, fresh mozzarella & parmesan

    4. $16.95

      Farfalle Aglio Oleo

      Bowtie pasta with broccoli, diced roma tomatoes, chicken breast & roasted sweet corn tossed in garlic & olive oil

    5. $16.45

      Farfalline al Salmone

      Butterfly shaped noodles mixed with smoked salmon & green peas in a creamy sauce

    6. $17.95

      Gnocchi al Gusto

      Potato dumplings in a creamy sauce flavored with gorgonzola, the italian blue cheese made with goat's milk, blended with garlic & walnuts in a creamy fontina cheese sauce or homemade italian sausage in our tomato sauce

    7. $17.95

      Gnocchi al Spinaci

      These dumplings are made with spinach, eggs, flour, ricotta & parmesan topped with gruyere & served with a side of tomato sauce

    8. $16.95

      Lasagna al Forno

      Sheets of fresh pasta layered with an authentic ragu di carne, bechamel & mushrooms, topped with a little tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella & italian parmesan

    9. $17.45

      Linguine Bolognese

      Linguine served with a piping hot meat sauce

    10. $16.95

      Linguine alla Vongole

      Baby clams cooked in olive oil with garlic & italian parsley & a bit of lemon with tomato sauce or white wine sauce

    11. $15.95

      Linguini Puttanesca

      Rich in aromas & flavors, where the fresh tomato blends perfectly with black olives, capers, pure olive oil & a pinch of red pepper

    12. $16.45

      Maccheroni Vesuviana

      Rigatoni pasta with a chunky tomato sauce, lots of basil & garlic & fresh mozzarella stirred in the last minute

    13. $17.95

      Paglia e Fieno

      A combination of green & white angel hair. The sauce is a creamy blend of prosciutto & mushrooms

    14. $15.95

      Parmigiana di Melanzane

      Eggplant, tomatoes, onions, parmesan & mozzarella cheese layered in a casserole & baked in the oven

    15. $14.95

      Penne Basilico or Pesto Sauce

      Penne pasta or angel hair pasta served warm with olive oil & lemon juice, chopped fresh tomato & basil & a spoon of our fresh pesto sauce

    16. $17.45

      Rotolo Verde

      A roll of fresh pasta filled with spinach, ricotta & parmesan cheese boiled & sliced like medallions, then served & sprinkle with gruyere cheese & served with a side of our fresh tomato sauce

    17. $21.95

      Salmone Basilico

      Salmon with penne pasta or angel hair pasta served warm with olive oil & lemon juice, chopped fresh tomato & basil & a spoon of our fresh pesto sauce

    18. $16.45

      Tagliatelle al Cacao

      Cacao is added to the normal ingredients for making pasta, which in itself does not give a chocolate flavor, but instead gives the dough a unique consistency, which we feel, is indescribably delicious. Served with gruyere, peas & prosciutto cotto (ham).

  4. Ravioli E Tortelli
    1. $17.95

      Ravioli di Carne

      Small emilian ravioli overflowing with a mixture of several seasoned meats. Served with a mushroom cream sauce.

    2. $17.95

      Tortelli di Formaggio

      Each ravioli is stuffed with a mixture of four cheeses; fontina, gruyere, ricotta & parmesan, with a hint of gorgonzola added. Served in a light creamy tomato sauce

    3. $17.95

      Tortelli di Spinaci

      A type of ravioli, this fresh pasta "cushion" encloses a delicious blend of pureed spinach & ricotta cheese flavored by various herbs & just a touch of pancetta

  5. Pizza E Calzone
    1. $16.45


      Tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni

    2. $16.95

      Frutti di Mare

      Tomato sauce, garlic, red peppers, parsley, shrimps, scallops & calamari

    3. $14.45


      Tomato sauce, mozzarella, pesto

    4. $14.95


      Tomato sauce, mozzarella & fresh basil

    5. $15.45

      Quattro Formaggi

      Olive oil, mozzarella, romano, parmesan & gorgonzola

    6. $16.95

      Salsiccia Italiana

      Tomato sauce, mozzarella & homemade italian sausage

    7. $15.45

      Spinaci e Carciofi

      Cream sauce, with parmesan, chopped spinach, artichoke hearts & mozzarella cheese

  6. Vitello E Pollo
    1. $18.95

      Pollo Valdostana

      Twin boneless chicken breasts topped with prosciutto, fontina cheese in a madeira wine sauce

    2. $18.95

      Pollo al Carciofi

      Twin boneless chicken breasts with artichoke hearts, capers in a chardonnay wine sauce

    3. $16.95

      Pollo alla Forestiera

      Twin boneless chicken breasts with asparagus points, sundried tomatoes in a sherry cream sauce

    4. $22.95

      Scallopini di Vitello

      Veal parmesan with mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce. Al fungi (with mushrooms & a cream sauce), al limone (with lemon sauce, garlic, parsley, with a slice of proscuitto, sauteed in butter), or al Marsala (special sauce made with a marsala mushroom wine sauce).

  7. Risotti
    1. $22.95

      Risotto Arragosta

      Saffron rice with lobster, topped with sauteed shrimp & smoked salmon, served the american way with vegetables on the side

    2. $16.95

      Risotto al Funghi

      Saffron rice topped with mushrooms & a cream sauce & italian vegetables

  8. Pesce E Carne
    1. $17.95

      Capellini alla Momo

      Fresh angel hair, in creamy tomato sauce made with shrimps & shredded smoked salmon. Mildly spicy.

    2. $27.95

      Filetto al Gorgonzola

      Tenderloin medallions over gorgonzola mushroom cream sauce

    3. $22.95

      Gamberi alla Momo

      Tender shrimp sauteed with smoked salmon in butter with a light cognac & marsala cream sauce & a hint of almond dust

    4. $20.95

      Maiale al Ferro

      Grilled pork chop in a port wine mushroom cream sauce

    5. $27.95

      Portafoglio alla Momo

      Choice of porterhouse trimmed & stuffed with prosciutto & gruyere, covered with mushroom cream sauce

    6. $21.95

      Ravioli di Arragosta

      Homemade ravioli stuffed with lobster & crabmeat, served in saffron brandy rose sauce & topped with bay shrimps

    7. $22.95

      Salmone Toscano

      Fresh salmon filet served with a basil cream sauce

    8. $17.95

      Tagliatelle Pescadora

      Shrimp, scallops & calamari with red-hued pasta ribbons served in a spicy tomato sauce. Mildly spicy.

  9. Dolce
    1. $6.45

      Dolce del Giorno

    2. $6.45

      Torta del Giorno

  10. Brunch (Sat & Sun, 10a-3p)
    1. Albumi d'Uovo

      Scrambeled egg whites served with fresh fruit. Served with Italian hash browns.

    2. Country Italian Scrambled Eggs

      3 scrambled eggs with peperonata tomato sauce. Served with Italian hash browns.

    3. Crepes alla Arrogosta

      Homemade crepes stuffed with lobster & crabmeat served with a lobster bechamel sauce. Served with Italian hash browns.

    4. Crespollini alla Luciana

      Homemade crepes folded with chicken, cream, fontina cheese, & mushrooms topped with a spicy bechamel sauce. Served with Italian hash browns.

    5. Eggs Benedict

      Poached eggs over English muffins, proscuitto ham & topped with Hollandaise sauce. Served with Italian hash browns.

    6. Four Slices of Crispy Bacon

    7. Omletto al Fungi

      3 egg omelet stuffed with mushrooms, artichoke, spinach, & provolone. Served with Italian hash browns.

    8. Pollo Monsignore

      Lightly breaded chicken breast folded with proscuitto ham, fontina cheese & topped with a mushroom brandy cream sauce. Served with Italian hash browns.

    9. Salmone alla Oscar

      Grilled Atlantic salmon topped with asparagus, crab meat, & Hollandaise sauce served with seasoned vegetables. Served with Italian hash browns.

    10. Spaghetti Carbonara

      Served with crispy pancetta & asparagus points in a parmesan cream sauce. Served with Italian hash browns.

    11. Three Waffles

    12. Two Italian Sausage Links

    13. Two Slices of Toast

      Wheat bread & strawberry jam.

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