Ono Poke

607 Richmond Avenue

  1. Step One: Choose your Bowl
    1. * Please select your House Bowl Option/Catch Option before proceeding to the next steps to complete your bowl

      Additional scoops of catch +$2 each

    2. Ono Poke House Bowl

      Salmon, tuna, ono sauce*, onions, cucumbers, green onions, sesame seeds, nori strips and furikake

    3. Spicy Salmon House Bowl

      Salmon, spicy mayo, spicy shoyu**, onions, cucumbers, green onions, sesame seeds and crushed hot cheetos

    4. Sweet Chili Ahi House Bowl

      Tuna, k-sauce**, onions, cucumbers, green onions, cilantro, masago, furikake and nori strips

    5. Classic Ahi House Bowl

      Tuna, classic shoyu**, onions, green onions, sesame seeds and togarashi peppers

    6. Wasabi Mami House Bowl

      Boild white shrimp, wasabi cream, onions, cucumbers, green onions, masago and furikake

    7. Spicy Albacore House Bowl

      Alacore, spicy shoyu**, onions, cucumbers, green onions, masago, sesame seeds and furikake

    8. Salmon Catch

    9. Tuna Catch

    10. Albacore Catch

    11. White Shimp Catch

    12. Catch Of The Day

  2. Step Two: Choose your Size
    1. *Please select your size before proceeding to the next steps

    2. Regular Bowl

      3 scoops of protein

    3. Large Bowl

      4 scoops of protein

    4. Island Style Bowl

      4 scoops of protein, no base

  3. Step Three: Choose your Base
    1. * Please select your size & base before proceeding to the next steps

    2. White Rice

    3. Brown Rice

    4. Mixed Greens

    5. Brown Rice & Mixed Greens

    6. White Rice & Mixed Greens

    7. Brown Rice & White Rice

    8. No Base

  4. Step Four: Sauces & Toppings
    1. * Complete your bowl by selecting sauces & any additional toppings

      Choose up to two sauces. (Additional +$.50)

    2. Ono Sauce

      The people's champ! A unique explosion of citrus and sweetness. (contains mustard seeds)

    3. Classic Shoyu Sauce

      Oldie but goodie. Your classic soy sauce w/ a blend of our house flavors. Don't let this underdog fool you. (contains sesame oil)

    4. Spicy Shoyu Sauce

      Our classic shoyu w/ added fiery peppers. The spice is strong with this one! (contains sesame oil)

    5. Spicy Mayo Sauce

      It's just spicy mayo guys, but a pretty good one! (contains sesame seeds)

    6. Wasabi Cream

      A taste of paradise! A creamy blend of wasabi & mayo for a refreshing taste. Don't be a sissy, it's really not that spicy.

    7. K-Sauce

      The powerhouse! A savory flavor bomb, sweet, hot & tangy w/ out the napalm blast. (contains sesame oil)

    8. Avocado

    9. Seaweed Salad

    10. Mango

    11. Kani

      Imitation crab

    12. Cucumbers

    13. Sweet Onions

    14. Furikake

      Japanese rice seasoning

    15. Togarashi

      Red chili flakes

    16. Crushed Hot Cheetos

    17. Cilantro

    18. Masago

      $.50 per additional scoop

    19. Nori Strips

      Dried seaweed

    20. Edamame

    21. Sesame Seeds

    22. Fried Shallots

    23. Green Onions

    24. Jalapenos

    25. Pineapples

    26. Wasabi

    27. Ginger

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